Best Apps for Car Information, Reviews and Advice

In the past, users had to wait for their car’s manufacturer to provide a user manual before they could properly take care of the car. Nowadays, drivers can easily find information and reviews on their cars just by installing apps on their phones.

Apps like CarGurus are helpful when looking for information about cars in terms of reviews and advice. The app provides detailed information on thousands of vehicles and helps users decide what type of car is best for them.

There are also apps that specialize in providing data about insurance rates and other topics related to driving. While some people opt out from buying an app, many prefer it over reading a user manual – especially if there is no one around to help them with the process!

Best Car Apps

Car apps and MirrorLink apps for Android are a necessity for all the car owners today. It is no longer simple to buy a car online, drive it home and start driving without knowing its characteristics or how to use it.

Apps like Lyft and Uber are becoming more popular as they make transportation easier and more affordable. Here are some of the best car apps that you should download on your phone:

  1. CarGurus
  2. Google Maps
  3. Microsoft Bing Maps
  4. Apple Maps
  5. Waze app
  6. Yelp app
  7. GasBuddy app
  8. Maple Syrup Tracker app for Canada users only (requires Canadian credit card)
  9. H&R Block TaxCut 2018 app for US users

How to Install an Android Auto App on a Car?

As a car owner, you need to install an Android Auto app on your car. This app will connect your smartphone to the car’s display.

Android Auto is available on select cars that have built-in infotainment systems with Android Auto support. If your car doesn’t have an Android Auto-enabled infotainment system, there are a few other options for you.

If you don’t want to buy a new car or wait for years for your old one to be retrofitted, you can install an aftermarket head unit that offers the functionality of an infotainment system but without the cost and complexity of getting a new vehicle like installing dedicated hardware and software components.

Installing a new software on your android phone may be confusing. This is because there are numerous guides on the internet that offer instructions for different smartphones without going into detail about which method is best for your specific phone.

To install an Android Auto app on a car, you need to have a compatible car and an android phone. You also need to be able to connect your phone to the car via Bluetooth and create an account with Google’s vehicle platform as well as sign up for subscription services like Spotify and Pandora.

  1. Before you start, make sure all information required has been provided
  2. Connect your Android Phone to the Car via Bluetooth
  3. On your Android Phone, go into “Settings”

How to Find the Right Car Information App for You

Automotive apps are not limited to just car-related information like gas mileage, average MPG, or insurance rates. There are also many apps on the market that can provide you with the type of car information you need.

If you’re looking for an app that handles your search for a new car for sale, there are lots of options out there. If you’re looking for more than just a used car, then we recommend trying out CarMax Car Finder. This app will help you find exactly what kind of vehicle you want.

For getting specific details about the vehicle, CarMax has its own auto dealer network which provides the dealership contact information and review ratings to help shoppers make their pick from among the available models.

What Makes a Great Automotive Apps Auto Info Application?

The auto industry is one of the most competitive industries today. Automakers and manufacturers are competing with each other to make the best cars, trucks and SUV’s in the market.

A great automotive apps auto info application needs to have a number of key features such as:

  • Interactive design- It allows users to explore various topics related to their car and gives them an overview of their car’s service history.
  • Outstanding design- It requires attractive graphics that showcase different parts on their car. It should also be responsive so that users can browse through it easily on both their phones and tablets.
  • Comprehensive information provided by various products made by different brands
  • Easy navigation
  • An easy checkout process
  • A streamlined experience that is hassle free